01st Mar.10

New 12k Site

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the new 12k website

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12th Jan.10

Live Session

  1. + Interview

at the dutch radio station

VPRO / Dwars

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Recorded May 11th 2009

at Studio Desmet Amsterdam.

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16th Nov.09

Sogar | Sebastien Roux    “Rücksitz”

CD 10 tracks 55min

Release date :

Nov.16th 2009

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Now available on

  1. cd1d

  2. A-Musik

  3. Toolbox Records

  4. Rotor

04th Nov.09

Digital Re-Issue

on 12k :

Sogar “Stengel”

12 tracks


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... Dynamics change continuously - nevertheless I was lulled into a state of semi-conscience for almost the whole length. It’s just perfect!

[Touching Extremes Review]

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from the services below :

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  4. Boomkat

  5. Bleep

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01st Oct.09

Sogar on Soundcloud

27th Aug.09

Sogar Video Section

is online now.

6 videos

released between

2001 - 2007.

Special thanks to

Thomas Einfeldt, Cedrick Eymenier and Tu M.

23rd Aug.09

Sogar on Facebook

11th Apr.09

Sogar Spring Tour May 2009

10th May : Dordrecht, Netherlands

at (F)luister

(with Balmorhea)

11th May : Amsterdam, Netherlands

at Vpro radio show

16th May : Paris, France

at Le rigoletto

(with Ieva vs. jacques perconte & Julie Larousse)

18th May : Rennes, France

at Le bon acceuil

19th May : Nantes, France

at Zoo Galerie

20th May : La Réole near Bordeaux, France

at Ancienne mairie

Booking and Information :


05th Apr.09

Release date :

5th of April 2008 in Japan.


Yoshihiro Hanno

"re-platform remixes"

(2CDs) Cirque CQCD-012

Disc 1 :




Re-platform - The Long Goodbye (für Ina)

Stephan Mathieu


Disc 2 :


Yoshihiro Hanno + Aoki Takamasa + Superdrive 30:45min

Re-platform - Home(Form)

Terre Thaemlitz


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